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Episode 36 – 6/6/12

Posted: June 14th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes
We’re finally back! Did you ever think you’d see the day? Us neither! But here we are and we’re talking harder than ever. Check out the “come-back” episode that will put Cowtown back on the map! Tune in to hear about sneaky poop-running and zombies — then learn how to meditate, Cowtown style. Leave us a voicemail and we’ll play it on the next show!
  • “Pacific Coast Highway” – Kavinsky (Jon’s Pick)
  • Unfinished Update
  • Our Lives
  • Old Sprinting Man Poops on Lawns
  • Gaga Weekly (Occasionally)
  • Fiv5 Favs – Summer Beverages
  • One Torso, One Suitcase
  • Zombie Attacks Across USA
  • Breathanarianism
  • (312) 685-COWT (2698)
  • “Shake Your Rump” – Beastie Boys (Nathan’s Pick)
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