This show tackles 'important' issues of all subjects. Basically, the show is hysterical and you’d be doing yourself a favor by listening.

Turn out the lights!

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Episode 33 – 3/11/11

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Your favorite podcast is back with yet another awe-inspiring episode of hard-talking. Tune in to hear our silky smooth voices as well as…

“Tighten Up” – The Black Keys (Nathan’s Pick)
Our Days
Cowtown Feedback
Unfinished Business
Deficating Denmark Delinquents
Pepsico Cuts Cap’n Crunch
Texts From Last Night
TV & Movie News
Character Voices
Tech Talk
Half Afro Stabbing
Celeb Gossip
Ten Year Old DD
Fiv5 Favs
(312) 685-COWT (2698)
“Alone” – Dan Black (Jon’s Pick)
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Episode 32 – 2/24/11

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Hey Cowtowners! Thanks for all of the great feedback from our “One Year” episode. We really enjoy hearing from all of our listeners. This week we’ve got another great episode for you. Of particular interest is our new segment, Fiv5 Favs and Character Voices where Nathan makes a fool of himself.

Also feel free to download a copy of our hit single “Talk Hard” at the link below.

“Talk Hard” – Cowtown

  • “You Sexy Thing” – Hot Chocolate (Jon’s Pick)
  • Our Days
  • Cowtown Feedback
  • Fiv5 Favs – Sandwiches
  • Unfinished Business
  • Celeb Gossip
  • Mr. Skin’s Anatomy Awards
  • TV & Movie News
  • Character Voices
  • Texts From Last Night
  • Google Weddings
  • Rapidfire
  • Man in India Father to 94, Husband to 39
  • (312) 685-COWT (2698)
  • iTunes
  • “Reptilia” – The Strokes (Nathan’s Pick)
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“Talk Hard”

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Here you are ladies and gentlemen, the award-winning, hit single, Talk Hard. This fantastic track has been made available fo’ free. Go ahead and download a copy. Feel free to play it at parties and weddings.

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