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Episode 21 – 9/7/10

Posted: September 11th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes
Hello friends, we’re back (again)! And we’re here to stay this time. We’ve decided that we will be recording Tuesdays, so that you can get your fix of Cowtown hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday (or in this case, by Friday). Hope you enjoy, and be sure to drop us a line.
  • “Fuck You” – Cee-Lo Green (Nathan’s Pick)
  • Talkin about our classes
  • Cowtown Feedback
  • Unfinished Business
  • Date a Harvard grad!
  • Fried Beer Here
  • Pay by text
  • Being incredibly “methed out” in court
  • Can’t Block Zuck
  • Jon nerds out on Halo
  • Man trying to sue after playing online games for Lineage 2 for 20,000 hours
  • Jon rapidfires
  • New iTunes logo
  • Zombie 101
  • (312) 685-COWT (2698)
  • “High of 75″ – Relient K (Jon’s Pick)
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2 Comments on “Episode 21 – 9/7/10”

  1. 1 Derek said at 7:00 am on September 11th, 2010:

    All radicals are fucktards

  2. 2 Meg said at 10:57 am on September 15th, 2010:

    RE: Zombie 101

    A lot of college English departments have classes like this. As an English major in college, I think it’s disgusting and at the same time really awesome. Profs have to keep up with what students are interested in, pop-culture-wise and zombies are way up there in pop-culture right now. I wrote a paper connecting modern-day zombie literature to 14th-15th century literature about the dead reanimating for an Old English language course. I think that’s as far as it should go when things not-English-related are brought up in or as English courses.

    P.S. The Tao Te Ching (pronounced Dao De Jing) is a collection of short philosophies associated with the Tao (a way of living in Eastern culture) [I've read it a few times]

    I haven’t listened to the podcast in a while, but after a brief text discussion with Nathan, I decided to listen again. Lo and behold I was entertained. ^_^

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