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Episode 6 – 3/16/10

Posted: March 17th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Episodes

Yes, Jon messed up the date again in this one. But at least only by a day. Give us some feedback folks, and thanks to those who do! WARNING: This episode contains conversation that is almost unbearably intriguing. Listen in for:

  • “Possum Kingdom” – The Toadies (Jon’s Pick)
  • Cowtown on Spring Break
  • Unfinished Biz-nas
  • Nathan cracks when he gets excited about cereal
  • Our days
  • Gaga Weekly (Occasionally)
  • Wal-Mart hates stoners
  • Woman crashes while trimmin’ her bush
  • Cowtown News
  • MJ’s multi-million dollar syringe
  • Dumb criminal
  • Avatar on Earth Day
  • Chuy gets some
  • Islamic “Fatwa” = nipple suckeling
  • Word lock
  • Ass full of caulk
  • Word of the day = molestache
  • Animal clothes… wtf?
  • “Slight Figure of Speech” – The Avett Brothers (Nathan’s Pick)

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5 comments from our fans »

5 Comments on “Episode 6 – 3/16/10”

  1. 1 Sister Quinn said at 12:31 am on March 18th, 2010:

    Yo bro! (And Bizzzz)

    Good show! You guys are getting better and better every time. Two things: Can’t you get direct deposit at Pizza Hut? Then you won’t have to drive so far! Also, regarding the Puppy Bowl…you know they bring in kittens for the half-time show…no joke.

  2. 2 nathan said at 12:54 am on March 19th, 2010:

    Do the kittens and puppies fight?

  3. 3 Sister Quinn said at 3:07 am on March 19th, 2010:

    Um, no…the puppies are in the locker room, running plays for the second half. Duh, Nathan!

  4. 4 Jon said at 9:23 am on March 19th, 2010:

    a a a a a a a a a a a.

  5. 5 Barf (Aaron) said at 4:29 am on March 23rd, 2010:

    First off, the Puppy Bowl is the shit. I enjoyed it much more than The “Geriatric” Who at the Super Bowl. Next, good podcast this week. On another note, the only reason the aggies are concerned about their cows farting is because methane is 20% (maybe more) more polluting than carbon dioxide. If they took the cowpies and put it in a digester they’d have a way to generate cheap electricity. All you’ve gotta do is put up with the smell of shit all the time.

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